Programmable Oscillators


Programmable Oscillators

Compared to conventional programmable quartz oscillators, the phase noise and jitter of our low-power programmable oscillators can be maintained. This is possible thanks to state-of-the-art LVCMOS-IC technology. Furthermore, the EMC behaviour can be significantly improved by reducing the trise/tfall time (SoftLevel function) of the output signal. Depending on the selection, the EMC damping of the 11th upper harmonic is over -60 dB. An excellent value for such a simple adjustment of trise and tfall. Another advantage of our programmable oscillators is not only the very low power consumption but also the voltage range of 2.25 – 3.63 VDC (-XX- in the order list). Within this range, oscillators can be operated with any supply voltage. This saves tremendous design-in costs since only 1 oscillator need to be qualified for different voltage ranges. As standard frequency tolerance, we recommend ±20ppm@-40/+85°C, ±30ppm@-40/+105°C (industrial + automotive), ±50ppm@-40/+125°C (industrial + automotive), or ±50ppm@-55/+125°C. These are the most favourable frequency tolerances; lower frequency tolerances are, of course, available on request.

We offer the most comprehensive product range of “programmable oscillators” available on the market which includes low power oscillators (LPOP), high temperature low power oscillators (HTLPOP and HTLPOP-AUT for automotive) as well as wide temperature low power oscillators (WTLPOP and WTLPOP-AUT for automotive). These oscillators offer a very broad frequency range, extremely high frequency stability, excellent shock and vibration resistance as well as an extremely long MTBF of >1,000 million hours. Our programmable oscillators are generally available in all standard casings with the following dimensions: 2.0x1.6 mm, 2.5x2.0 mm, 3.2x2.5 mm, 5.0x3.2 mm and 7x5 mm. For new developments in all vertical markets, we recommend the cheapest casings with a dimension of 2.0x1.6 mm or 2.5x2.0 mm. Our very low-priced programmable oscillators can be delivered on the same day if they are ordered by 2 pm at the latest. Benefit from our programmable oscillators with excellent performance and long service life at very attractive prices.

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