Medical applications require very small, high-performance and extremely reliable components which are still available far more than 10 years later. The products offered in our portfolio meet these requirements exactly and are also affordable. Many of the medical applications for which we supply components are based on a radio standard (ISM band, DECT, USB, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, 2.4 – 5.0 GHz, etc.) and are designed as wearables or IoT devices (see also “Wearables” in the “Application Search” area on the “HOME” page). Medical products in general and especially battery-operated terminal devices must be very small and efficient while consuming only very little system energy. To be able to meet these requirements, we offer ultra low power oscillators (<1.0 µA) with 32.768 kHz, or in the frequency range of 1 – 26 MHz. Moreover, we also have low power TCXOs which are available in casings from 1.6x1.2 mm so that you can develop narrow band wireless applications. It makes sense to use ultra low power 32.768 kHz oscillators in medical terminal devices. Although they only consume very little energy (<1.0 µA) due to their extremely innovative oscillator design, they save up to 50% of system energy. Moreover, ultra low power 32.768 kHz oscillators can clock two ICs at the same time. For example, the MCU and RTC/Sleep clock of the BLE chip. How? Contact our engineering team and ask for detailed consultation. Since a clever clocking concept can save a lot of money and energy in the application. We can show you highest-quality components which ideally fit in your design. Our “Oscillators” product range is complemented by a very comprehensive portfolio of SMD quartz crystals.

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