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The “Industrial/Embedded” field of applications is a very broad field with a great variety of terminal devices attributed to it which may have radio interfaces (ISM band, DECT, USB, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, 2.4 – 5.0 GHz, etc.) and are in part designed as wearables or IoT devices (see also “Wearables” in the “Application Search” area on the “HOME” page). The temperature range for many applications has expanded recently from -40/+85° C to -40/+105° +105° C. We are well prepared and have a very broad range of different SMD quartz crystals and SMD oscillators which are available for expanded temperature ranges. If you are looking for quartz crystals, our products not only comply with the expanded temperature ranges of up to -40/+125° C but are also available in quartz blank designs on request which can be used in circuits with increased drive level. Of course, our very comprehensive range of products includes various solutions in standard casings with dimensions of 2.0x1.6 mm, 2.5x2.0 mm, 3.2x2.5 mm, 5.0x3.2 mm and 7x5 mm. For new developments in all vertical markets, we recommend the cheapest casings with a dimension of 2.0x1.6 mm or 2.5x2.0 mm for our multi-use oscillators. Our multi-use oscillators do not only feature extreme longevity (MTBF = >=1,000 million hours), extremely good shock and vibration resistance and very low power consumption, but also a voltage range of 2.25 – 3.63 VDC (-XX- in the order list). Within this range, oscillators can be operated with any supply voltage. This saves tremendous design-in and supply chain costs because only 1 oscillator needs to be qualified for different voltage ranges. As standard frequency tolerance, we recommend ±20 ppm@-40/+85° C, ±30 ppm@-40/+105° C (industrial + automotive), ±50 ppm@-40/+125° C (industrial + automotive), or ±50 ppm@-55/+125° C. These are the most favourable frequency tolerances; lower frequency tolerances are, of course, available on request. Based on state-of-the-art LVCMOS IC technology, the output signal (trise/tfall time) can be slowed down by means of the so-called SoftLevel function which results in significant improvements of the EMC behaviour. Depending on the selection, the EMC damping of the 11th upper harmonic is over -60 dB. An excellent value for such a simple adjustment of trise and tfall. Contact our engineering specialists for further consultation. A clever clocking concept can save a lot of money and energy in the application. We can show you highest-quality components which ideally fit in your design. Our “Oscillators” product range is complemented by a very comprehensive portfolio of SMD quartz crystals.

Our solutions for Industrial Embedded

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