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Automotive applications such as ASIL, ADAS, Radar or Lidar require very small, high-performance and extremely reliable components which are still available far more than 10 years later. In the field of quartz crystals, we offer a very broad product range of miniatured AECQ200 compatible quartz crystals. However, more and more oscillating crystals are replaced by oscillators. Why? Even in the “automotive” market segment, the pressure to use miniatured products with increasingly high packing density has increased significantly in the meantime. Small quartz crystals have high resistances so that it is in many cases impossible to achieve the oscillation safety of SF>10 required by automotive customers. Moreover, the demand for more precise frequency-generating components is increasing. More and more often, values of ±20 ppm@-40/+85° C, ±30 ppm@-40/+105° C or ±50 ppm@-40/+125° C absolute, incl. ageing are required for standard devices. These frequency stabilities can no longer be achieved by SMD oscillating quartz crystals without compensation due to their technology. To be able to meet the growing demand for AECQ100 compatible oscillators, we offer our AECQ100 compatible multi-use oscillators which can be used in virtually any automotive application. Depending on the version, the automotive oscillators are available in a temperature range of up to -55/+125° C with frequency stabilities from ±20 ppm. Sample oscillators can be sent from the warehouse immediately. With an MTBF of 1 billion hours, combined with 50,000 g shock and 70 g vibration resistance, our automotive oscillators are extremely long lasting, shock and vibration resistant, and therefore optimally suited for use in all automotive applications.

G-sensitivity impresses with additional 0.1 ppb/G. In order to be able to be used in EMC-critical environments, the customer can fall back on the SoftLevel function. The output signal is slowed down with this function, so that an EMC damping of the 11th upper harmonic of over –60 dB can be realised. Enormous, for an adjustment that doesn’t cost the customer any extra money. To save money throughout the whole design-in process, even in future projects, all automotive SMD oscillators are available in the VDD range of 2.25 – 3.63 VDC. Of course, we also offer 1.8 VDC compatible product solutions. The times when an oscillator had to be qualified for each power supply voltage are over, which saves a lot of money throughout the entire design-in and in the supply chain area. Of course, the automotive oscillators are optionally available in all standard QFN casings from 2.0x1.6 mm to 7.0x5.0 mm. The currently cheapest casing has a size of 2.0x1.6 mm. Therefore, we recommend this casing for new developments. Of course, our SMD automotive oscillators have an excellent jitter performance with low power consumption even at high frequencies. You will be provided with detailed consultation by our experts, who, due to having their own application engineers, not only offer extensive technical services during the design-in process and large scale production, but can also carry out circuit testing using the vehicle manufacturer’s standards for electronic circuits with quartz crystals/oscillators.

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