Silicon oscillators

SMD Silicon (MEMS) Oscillators

Silicon MEMS oscillators are semiconductors, so do not use quartz resonators for clocking. Our great-value silicon MEMS oscillators also use cutting-edge analogue CMOS-IC technology, offering excellent performance and setting a market record with an MTBF of 1140 million hours (FIT 0.88). What is more, our silicon oscillators are 30x more resistant to shock and vibration and 54x less sensitive to external electromagnetic fields than quartz oscillators. The rate of ageing is also 10x slower than for quartz oscillators. Certain models of our silicon MEMS oscillators can, for example, be supplied by a button cell for 10 years.

Our highly innovative silicon MEMS oscillator solutions are smart clocking devices that offer pin-to-pin compatibility with quartz oscillators. The standard "SoftLevel" function allows harmonic damping of over -60 dB at no additional cost, and the oscillators are not just extremely flexible and reliable, but also great value. They also require little power and offer excellent jitter performance. 

Our silicon MEMS oscillators are the best and most long-lasting choice for new developments and the replacement of existing quartz oscillators. Our silicon MEMS oscillator range includes: ultra low power oscillators (kHz + MHz), low power clock oscillators, ultra performance oscillators, differential oscillators, spread spectrum oscillators, TC and VCTCXO, high temperature oscillators (versions for up to +155°C are currently being tested), high precision oscillators and automotive oscillators (AECQ100).

Discover our great range of SMD silicon MEMS oscillators and comprehensive service portfolio. Why not take a look at the comprehensive overview of available SMD silicon MEMS oscillators below to find the best solution for your application, or simply ask our team for an individual recommendation.

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